Suggest a name for our future kid!

Well now that I have found out I am going to be a daddy I need to think of names for my future child. I have debated with my wife as to what we should name our child if it is a boy. Luckily for me we are both set on a name if it is a girl (Trinity Faith London).

So with this in mind, I am asking you, the community, friends, and family to give me names that Perla and I can review and get ideas from. All name suggestions welcome!

Current list of Names:

  • Jack
  • Santiago
  • Muchissimo
  • Raif


  1. Daniel or Benjamin

  2. Bartholomew!

  3. Nitro. Lazer. Blaze. Viper. Zap. (or any combination of those will work…. Viper Blaze makes a cute girl’s name…. who would ever mess w/a girl named Viper?) A good place to look is a listing of all former American Gladiators.

    Only Daniel Dick would ever suggest that you name your kid after him… I mean really….. Daniel is a terrible name for a girl….. though it DOES seem to work for him… heh…

    Jokes aside: Santiago is cool. Victoria. Mavrick.

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