Posted by: mlondon84 | August 11, 2008

Olympic Spirit

It's Olympic time again!

It's Olympic time again!

Now back from my weekend of fun and festivities, its time to get back on track. This whole weekend I was busy watching the opening days of the Olympics. (I know I should have updated you), but I have been glued to my TV all weekend.

The Olympics is that one event that takes place every four years that makes you get interested in sports you would never watch otherwise. I mean my friend Phil and I watched synchronized diving for two hours and found ourselves critiquing their dives. Only during the Olympics would that ever happen.

One thing that has been mesmerizing to watch has been the Michael Phelps era of swimming. I don’t care about swimming. I never watch it, nor do I swim in a pool, but come Olympic-time, I act like I know everything. I have water-cooler talk about how this swimmer beat that swimmer and that country is so over-rated. It is sad to look at myself from a third-person perspective, but I can’t help it!

I tend to imagine what I would be like if I were to be an announcer for the Olympics, particularly swimming. It would go something like this…..

…..And there off! Phelps has been shattering all the records for the butterfly this year, I mean look at that form. He is keeping his chin to the water like a baby keeps his thumb in his mouth. Absolutely spectacular! I am convinced that Phelps is related to the Manning family. I mean everything that family does is golden. Archie Manning should be proud of his two sons, and now his adopted one…..

Michael Phelps-Manning???

Michael Phelps-Manning???

Ya, so looking at it now I know it would probably not be the best thing if I was an announcer, but I can asure you that if I was I would be able to compare an Olympic athlete to a NFL star. What can I say? It’s a gift.

~Note to baby~

I am sad you are not here to watch the Olympics with your Dad, but looking on the bright side of things, you will be 3 years old when the next Olympics take place, and guess what? They will be in London! How ironic!

Maybe my baby can be on China's gymnastics team!

Maybe my baby can be on China's gymnastics team!




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