Posted by: mlondon84 | August 4, 2008

Favorite Color

So, before I get into my post, I feel I must vent a bit. See I had the unfortunate task of terminating an employee today. It was not fun and I pray I don’t have to do it again. I was sad, so after I finished praying about it I had the typical what would Jesus do moment. He comforted me, and all was well; but a little later I started to think,

Everybody's workin' for the weekend.

Everybody's workin' for the weekend.

“What would Patrick Swayze do?”

I was remind of the classic quote from the film Roadhouse that, “Pain Don’t Hurt!”. So I was comforted by my moment with Jesus and was also comforted knowing that Dalton from roadhouse would be fine as well.

So today’s little nugget of glory about me is:

“What is Dad’s favorite color?”

Not quite sure if I can pin-point when I liked the color orange, but I am pretty sure I liked the color because everything colored orange tastes great.

I mean seriously, if you can look at me in the face and say you don’t like orange candy slices, I would have to question if you are a human or not.

Eat me Seymour, Eat me all night long.

Eat me Seymour, Eat me all night long.

Those things are delicious. I have never had a candy that was so good, yet at the same time you know that eating them is probably going to kill you. It is the ultimate catch-22. I love/hate who ever created those gooey, yummy, treats of sweetness.

Supreme Size Fries, Please.

Supreme Size Fries, Please.

The other awesome relation the color orange has is to a famous burger franchise. I will call it McDowell’s. The orange screams, “Eat more french fries and stuff your face with apple pie goodness!”. McDowell’s knows exactly how to reel children in, I mean the toy’s in the happy meals when I was a kid were so amazing. They had burgers and french fries that transformed into robots! I mean, the 80’s were awesome anyways, but whoever created the McRobot is probably in the top ten list of wealthy people in the world.

I am the Burger King!

I am the Burger King

So there you have it, Dad’s favorite color is Orange because anything that is orange must taste good. Unless there are orange tomatoes, but I will leave that for another post. 😉




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