Posted by: mlondon84 | August 3, 2008

A little about me – Favorite Movie

I feel like everytime I create a post for a blog I should start it out like Captain Kirk.

Star Date 9920. There’s something on the wing….Some…Thing

Anyways I thought I would share with you who your dad is. What my likes and dislikes are, and what I have seen that has molded me into the man I am today. I will try and give you a little piece of who I am over the next few months so you will not wonder who Daddy is when you are 13. 🙂

So today’s little nugget of glory about me is:

“What is Dad’s favorite movie?”

There are two words to describe the awesomeness that is your Dad’s favorite movie.

See below:

I Love Katie Holmes!

I Love Katie Holmes!

Of course the Movie poster does not do the film justice, So here is a sample of where men are made:

So there you have it. Top Gun is your Dad’s favorite movie of all time. I can’t wait until we can watch it together! Of course if you are a girl, I may have to completely change this post and say something like the little mermaid was my favorite movie. 😉




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